You have pandemic fatigue like everyone else and you are so tired of looking at social media and seeing that people living life like the nation is not part of a global pandemic.
Statistics have shown your part of the country are not spreading this disease in schools because teachers, administrators and custodians are making efforts every day to clean, sanitize, monitor mask wearing, and to make sure kids and colleagues are six feet apart. Personally, you have spent many extra hours measuring spaces for kids to be able to take off their masks and eat snacks or lunch and when you hear others talk about the fatigue of working from home you want to remind them of all the work the schools are doing.
As a teacher you feel so disrespected by those of who feel they are above the rules and can continue to do whatever the heck they want. The fact that you and your husband are both teachers means that nearly every part of your life has changed. You do not let your kids do anything because Read more: “Covid Fatigue and Keeping Athletes in Shape Grows Increasingly Challenging During the Cold Months of Winter”

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