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When choosing body armor, the effectiveness of a vest should be of paramount consideration, because there is a very thin line between life and death in the absence of protective body armor clothing. If you pick a vest that isn’t sustainable to the kind of threats in your line of work, then you’ll be exposing yourself to unprecedented danger. According to a study by the National Institute of Justice, armor vests have protected and saved the lives of more than 3,000 law enforcement officer over the past three decades. This goes to show just how important this tactical body armor is in ensuring police safety.

Body armor vests are made up of two parts, which are the outer and the inner carrier. The inner section is the one that offers protection against bullets and spike threats, while the outer carrier is responsible for holding the inner plates together. There are two main types of tactical body armor carriers are overt body armor and covert body armor, and they differ in color and material.

Covert Body Armor Vests
These are primarily built to be worn underneath clothing. Thanks to their light colors and ultra-thin specifications, covert vests are highly unnoticeable under any clothing. It’s like you are wearing the regular vest but now with a little more protection ability to it. Other than being maximum stealthy, these type of vest is manufactured using a special fabric technology.

They feature super-breathable fabrics that wick sweat and provide coolness to the wearer. These features make this body armor ideal for secret agents and people who want to conceal their identity as undercover operatives.

Overt Body Armor Vests
Designed to be worn on top of clothing, overt tactical body armor vests are typically black, but they also come in other colors. For instance, blue bulletproof body armor vests are commonly used by the member of the fourth estate, while security personnel wears bright colored vests. Unlike covert body armor clothing made with light-weight specifications for flexibility purposes, these carriers feature a thick material often designed to project a high level of security force.

Other than these two kinds protective vests, some body armor vests are designed to meet both covert and overt specifications. With these, you can choose to either wear then over or under clothes. They offer a significantly high level of protection than the regular covert vests with a slightly thinner material specification than traditional overt vests. Covert/Overt bulletproof vests are ideal for people who are exposed to different threat levels.

Ultimately, when choosing body armor, you want something that offers maximum protection against all sorts of threats. So, it’s necessary to recognize the kind of threat you a likely to face to make an informed decision the right tactical gear to use.

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