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Baseball is one of the most American institutions there is and has become as synonymous with the Stars and Stripes as apple pie. Fans from across the country have teams to root for, and there are professional teams in lots of states. Many, especially in the Northern part of the United States, will wear Twins gear every chance they get to show their support for the Minesota Twins. By rooting for the Twins MN residents will be able to join a massive community of like minded individuals. However, the more die hard Minneapolis Twins fans will know lots of interesting facts about the team.

1. Rookies and young players are part of what make baseball great and many fans enjoy watching them not only develop, but succeed right away. That success is often rewarded by a Rookie of the Year Award. The best Minesota Twins fans will know that the last player in the franchise to win it was Marty Cordova, who did so in 1995. However, just a few years before that, in 1991, Chuck Knoblauch also won the award.

2. Over time, the Twins have became known for their home field in the Metrodome. For years, Twins and opponents sent balls up into the rafters and out of the park for home runs. No Twin player did that more often there than Kent Hrbek, who is second all time in home runs for the franchise.

3. While they are still popular today, the Twins have a long tradition. In fact, the franchise originally started in 1901, though it did not have the same name. Before the Twins gained their namesake, they were actually the Washington Senators. It was not until 1961 that the franchise became the Twins, who were managed by Cookie Lavagetto.

4. The Twins have been to multiple World Series, but there first appearance was nearly 50 years ago. In 1965, they met the L.A. Dodgers. Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax pitched a shutout in game seven of that series to give the Dodgers the victory, though it also helped legitimize the Twins as a franchise.

5. Any fan who wears Twins apparel should know the name Paul Molitor, who ended his hall of fame career with the Twins. But the might not remember his entire career. Before joining the Twins, he played for the Brewers and Blue Jays, where he had some of his best seasons.

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