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Over 11 million people play fantasy baseball, according to a 2013 report by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Many enthusiasts play to unwind or have a good time with friends, but a growing number of players are stepping into the high-stakes world of fantasy baseball pro leagues, where a season win can result in an impressive payout.

Fantasy baseball was first developed in the early 60s by IBM, but the system and its parameters have evolved and grown immensely since that time. Leagues have long offered cash payouts based on the original antes paid by participants at the beginning of the season, but the current popularity of the sport has led to sponsors, advertising, and payoffs the original developers of fantasy sports would never have thought possible. A recent announcement by LeagueSafe and DraftKings revealed a new competition that would provide winners in a similar sport, fantasy football, a million dollar payout for a winning season, easily the largest award in any fantasy sport to date.

But many die-hard fantasy baseball fans don’t play for money, but rather for the challenge and the bragging rights. By incorporating player stats, season projections, and real-time results, fantasy “owners” and “managers” can apply the same analysis and cunning to the game as the real owners and managers, and see how their decisions stack up against the pros.

In such a complex and statistics-driven sport as baseball, organization is key. Many fantasy baseball website templates are available for leagues to set up and monitor player progress and team standings, allowing owners to invest more time and energy in the sport itself, and less into the nuts and bolts of developing their own fantasy baseball websites. Fantasy baseball website templates include parameter options (how many pitching stats versus how many hitting stats, traditionally anywhere from 4×4 to 7×7), payout structures, and even helpful advice for trade dispute arbitration.

To be a part of the action, you can find a fantasy baseball league in your area. Or you can join one online, and connect with fans from all over the country, as you enjoy the latest evolution of America’s pastime.

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