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“Good parties create a temporary youthfulness,” Mason Cooley, the American aphorist, once said. If you are interested in throwing a good party, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Whether it’s a party to celebrate a holiday, a 25th anniversary, or even a wedding, there are needs that will be common to each celebration. Here are two big categories you should be thinking about, and several tips for making sure everything runs as smoothly as you’d hoped.

Find a Decent Caterer

  • To find a good caterer, make sure to sample the food first, and ask for an itemized breakdown of where your money will be going. You may not realize that taxes, labor costs and overtime costs aren’t always included in an initial quote.
  • It might seem tempting to replace catering with a serve-yourself buffet. Like with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks. It’s worth considering, though, that people tend to eat more (and waste more) when they’re serving themselves. You likely won’t end up saving money as a result, and you’ll miss out on the personalized service.
  • Finalize the date well ahead of time with the caterer. If you leave planning your party off until the last minute, the only caterer you’re going to get is the one who has a steady 2/5 stars on review sites — everyone else is avoiding them for a reason.

Figure Out Party Rental Supplies Ahead of Time

  • Most people realize that they need tent or canopy rentals. But unless you happen to have 100 matching chairs and tables in your basement, you’ll probably need to rent them too, and figuring that out ahead of time is just as important.
  • Most rental prices are fairly affordable. Simple chairs, for example, are usually $1 to $4 per chair. Each guest will likely need a chair and a linen napkin, and for planning purposes, round table rentals usually seat 8 to 10 guests each.
  • Is it worth it to rent from multiple party rental companies because one has cheaper chairs, but the other has a more affordable tent? Though you can, we ultimately recommend against it. You might save a few bucks, but you open up the possibility of coordination issues. Choosing one company means that that company will know exactly what you need, and when.

Do you have tips for catering or party rentals? Let us know in the comments. Continue reading here.

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