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It is estimated that in 2015 over 3.2 million people took part in wakeboarding in the United States. This type of water sport has increasingly become popular and more millennials are showing great interest in it. Wakeboarding is among the extreme sports and it’s not only interesting to participate in, but also to watch. The spins, airs and other crazy stunts surfers indulge in are simply electrifying.

Typically, a successful wakesurfing is measured by the size of the wake created, which is directly determined by the boat’s design and its weight distribution. So, do you know how to create a bigger wake? Perhaps you already have the idea, but if you don’t this one is for you. Generally, the height and length of a wake are influenced by the amount of weight the boat carries. For instance, a short and longer wake in height and length respectively is obtained when the boat has more weight on the front, and the opposite is also true.

In most cases, you’ll only surf on one side of a wake. Depending on which side of the wake you want to use, you can increase its size by adding more weight on that particular side of the boat. With innovation in water surfing sport, now there are specially wakeboard boat ballast system for producing a decent wake.

How to create a bigger wake will depend on the kind of ballast system you have in your boat. Most of these systems are fitted on the floor of the boat and an expert can help you configure it so you can add more sacks to it. Although, a ballast system won’t guarantee you a suitable wake-boarding wake. So you may need to add more weight to your boat in order create a big wake perfect for wakesurfing.

When it comes to adding weight to your boat, you should first know how much weight is in there. Secondly, the distribution of weight is very important in stabilizing the boat. Usually, it’s preferable for people to sit down in a comfortable position to avoid falling out of the boat.

Finally, you should get to learn essential wakeboarding tips that will help you create perfect wakes for smooth surfing.

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