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In the United States, there are an estimated 10.6 million swimming pools. Inground swimming pools make up about 50.6% of all the pools across the country. If you are looking at a swimming pool construction job to be done, you may be concerned about how you will take care of your custom pool after it has been completed. Here are the things you can do to make sure your pool stays looking great.

  1. Do not shy away from skimming. These are two things you will need to get into the habit of doing when you have a pool. It is very important to do what you can to get the leaves and whatever else that falls into your pool out of it. For the best results, you should do this every day. Some people spring for robot vacuum cleaners that can take care of the bottom of the pool.
  2. Take some time to scrub your pool. In addition to taking care of the things that fall into your pool, you need to think about the organisms that grow on the walls of your pool. No matter what the result of your pool construction is, you need to get rid of algae that will grow on the pool walls. This does not need to be done every day. Most pool owners will do this once every two weeks or so. Pay attention to your pool and you may be able to go longer between scrubbings or you may have to do it more often.
  3. Get yourself some tennis balls. If you take tennis balls and throw them into your pool, you can get rid of the oils that get into the water of your pool. When people jump in, the moisturizers, creams and lotions that they put on their skin will wind up in the water of your pool. Typically, these float to the top and create a film on the surface of the water in your pool. Tennis balls are great at absorbing these oils. Throw a few in, let them float around a bit and then skim them out. You will see a difference in the look of your pool.
  4. Take care of your pool’s filters. One of the most important parts of the pool construction process is the installation of your pool’s filters. These are incredibly important for the health and look of your pool. Some experts compare the filters in a pool to the kidneys in a person. They are there to remove everything from dirt and leaves to small objects, such as toys, from the water in the pool. At least once a week, you should take a few minutes to check the filter basket. As you have your pool, you may find it needs to be checked more or less frequently. This all depends on how much you and your family use your pool. You should have a timer for your filters and set them to run for about six hours every day.
  5. Do not neglect the filter’s pipe system. This needs to be cleaned about once a month. Your filter should have a backwash setting. Use that to clean out the pipes.
  6. Watch the level of water in your pool. Different pool designs have different water levels that are optimal so there is not a set amount of water that needs to be in the pool. During hot days, you will lose some water from your pool to evaporation. Likewise, after a strong rain storm, you will have water added to your pool. If you watch, the water level needs to come up to the half way point on your skimmer. Too much water can be reduced by using a pump or hiring a pool construction expert.
  7. Keep an eye on the chemical levels. You need to take some time every week to check these in your pool. This is a very easy thing to do. You may be able to get kits to test from the pool construction company or the local pool store.

Everyone loves going to swimming pools. In the summer, your backyard can be the hit of the neighborhood when you have one. Follow these tips and you will keep yours looking great.

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